Ransomware attacks have been hugely topical in recent weeks. Consequently, reinforcing the importance of cyber security and backup. Unfortunately these key components for any system are often overlooked until it is too late. Following the recently unleashed Wannacry ransomware, we have had a large influx of calls from customers worried about the security of their systems. We always advise taking immediate precautionary approaches so that our customers are in the best possible position should disaster strike.

We advise a comprehensive backup strategy coupled with a cost-effective backup software such as Ahsay. This will provide the protection required to effectively and quickly recover from a ransomware attack.



There are various tools on the market to defend your network, however, these tools fail to address the weakest link, the end user. High expenditure on preventive measures may not yield the desired result. Instead, a speedy recovery on mission critical data is essential for enterprise to avoid ransomware attacks.

Key components for minimizing downtime from a ransomeware attack

Centralized Servers

Daily backup of mission critical data resided in centralized servers is important to ensure the ongoing operation in case of ransomware attack. With the increasing processing power on a physical server, virtualization is a norm in the industry. Therefore, it is important that the backup software is equipped with instant recovery capability.

Personal Computers/Laptops

IT Administrators have minimal control on what the end user can work on their machines and therefore this is the weakest link. It is important that the IT administrator can control the backup of computers of individual users remotely and ensure any missed backup is caught in time and corrective action is taken.

Multi destination including public cloud storage

While traditional backup software will back up data to one single destination, the contemporary ones should be equipped with the capability to back up to multiple backup destinations that include public cloud destinations if local regulations allow. By utilizing public cloud infrastructure, IT Administrators can provision storage in a low cost while maintain the elasticity for a robust storage.


In addition to standard backup that is stored in a centralized location, it is also important a replicate copy of the backup data is stored in a separate location to achieve better resilience in case the production backup server is attacked. Such replication should be carried out in near real time to ensure data integrity.


While backup is conducted based on preset schedule, it is important that a comprehensive report is provided to ensure any exception or error is caught and corrective actions are taken to ensure data is intact.


At Solveit we recommend Ahsay Backup Software, a cost-effective backup solution with a centralized management console. This allows IT Administrators full control of all endpoints in their network environment remotely.

With the implementation of “VM Run Direct” in Version 7 of the software, users can restore their virtual machine within one minute to minimize the downtime in case of cyber attacks.

A full endpoint control down to individual user level ensures all laptops and personal computers are safeguarded.

With the support of Microsoft, MacOS, and Linux/Unix environments together with common applications such as Microsoft Exchange, MS SQL, and MySQL, all client servers will be protected.

For more information on how Ahsay can benefit your enterprise get in touch with our expert consultants at Solveit.


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