81% of cyber security breaches can be correlated to the use of weak or simple passwords

While cyber security is becoming an increasingly popular topic in the media,  people are slow to make moves to protect themselves against cyber threats. There is a general attitude among the vast majority of technology users that they would be unlikely targets for cyber criminals. This unfortunately is not the case, with phishing attacks on the rise, and an estimated 1 in 14 users clicking into unsafe links or attachments, it is now more pertinent than ever to be on top of securing your cyber ID.

Click here to view published data breaches complied by Verizon for their 2016 annual data breach investigation. One thing apparent from the report is that no location, industry or organization is immune from cyber attack.

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There are many methods to decrease your chances of cyber attack. The first and simplest line of defense is to ensure you have a strong password.

It is important to consider that long and easy to remember, is better than short and complex when it comes to passwords.

The following are some tips to ensure you have a secure password

  • Have at least 12 characters
  • Include numbers, symbols and upper and lowercase letters
  • Stay away from obvious dictionary words and phrases
  • Change your password every couple of months

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We offer a range of services to ensure that our clients are protected against security threats

Security Audits

Vulnerability assessment

If you are concerned about cyber security whether it’s personal or business, get in touch with our expert consultants at Solveit


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