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Field Service Technician.

Field Service Technician.
  • Full Time
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Field Service Technician.


Good Computer Science Degree. Experience will substitute.

Thorough Knowledge of Enterprise Hardware and  Software: Server, SQL Server, Exchange etc.

Thorough Knowledge of Cloud Solutions: Office 365, Azure, AWS etc.

Excellent Troubleshooting Skills.

Experience in Repair and Maintenance of Computer Systems.

Good People Skills.

Full Clean Driving License.

Clean Appearance.

Nature of the Work:

Most computer service technicians are assigned several clients, depending on the technician’s specialty and the type of equipment to be serviced.  Workers with several accounts must travel from place to place to maintain these systems and to make emergency repairs.  In some cases, more than one technician will share an account and service different parts of a system.  In other cases, an experienced technician may beassigned to work full time at a client’s installation in order to maintain all phases of that operation.  Some technicians work in central facilities where equipment or components arebrought for service. At regular intervals, computer service technicians (Often called field engineers or customer engineers) service the equipment according to manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules.  For example, they routinely adjust, oil, and clean mechanical parts of printers. When computer equipment breaks down, technicians must quickly find the cause of the failure and make repairs.  To locate the cause of failures, technicians run special diagnostic programs that pinpoint malfunctions.  Fixing the equipment may take just a few minutes because most repairs merely involve the replacement of malfunctioningcomponents.  To correct an electronic problem, for example, the technician would replace the circuit board indicated by the diagnostic program.  In some cases, technicians simply give the customer a new piece of equipment and take the malfunctioning one to a centralfacility for service. Computer service technicians also install new equipment.  They lay cables, hook up electrical connections between machines, thoroughly test the new equipment, and correct any problems before the customer uses the machine. Some technicians specialize in maintaining a particular brand or type of equipment or system, or in doing a certain type of repair.  For example, some technicians are experts in correcting problems caused by errors in the computer’s internal programming. Computer technicians must be familiar with technical manuals and diagnostic programs for each piece of equipment.  They also must keep up with the technical information and revised maintenance procedures issued periodically by equipment manufacturers.  The employer supplies tools and test equipment, but technicians are responsible for keeping them in good working order. Technicians keep a record of preventive maintenance and repairs on each machine they service.  In addition, they fill out time and expense reports, keep parts inventories. Technicians spend much of their time working with people.  They listen to customers’ complaints, answer questions, and sometimes offer technical advice on ways to keep equipment in good condition.  In many ways, technicians act as public relations workers for their employer, promoting customer satisfaction and good will.  In addition, experienced technicians often help train new workers and sometimes have limited supervisory duties. Working Conditions The normal workweek for technicians is 39 hours.  Many users of computer systems,however, rely on their equipment around the clock, and working time lost because of a breakdown can be very expensive.  For this reason, technicians must be available to make emergency repairs at any time, day or night.   Although some bending and lifting are necessary, the job is not strenuous.  Work hazards are limited mainly to minor burns and electric shock, but these can be avoided if safety practices are followed. For most technicians, travel is local; they usually are not away from home overnight.Employer pays for travel, including reimbursement for job-related use of the technician’s car.  In some cases, we provide a van for the technician’s use.   Requirements. Preferably a Computer Science Degree.Experience may substitute.Knowledge of Microsoft Back Office Software. Server,SQL Server,Exchange etc.Experience in Repair and Maintenance of Computer Systems.Good Troubleshooting Skills.Good People SkillsClean Driving LicenseClean Cut Appearance.

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