Minimise the risk of phishing scams

What is phishing?

A phishing attack can be defined as an event where a cyber criminal tricks an individual into revealing personal information, such as passwords and personal account details.

The phisher, usually claims to be a legitimate company or bank and will send fake emails or direct you to a fake website.

The information obtained from the scam is then used to log into a customer’s account with the purpose of extorting money or information.

Effects of phishing

A wide variety of people have been targeted by phishing attacks from large companies to private individual accounts.

In 2013, over 300 people in Ireland were affected by phishing scams with losses estimated between €100 – €40,000.

In 2016, the social media powerhouse Snapchat was targeted. Over 700 employees gave their financial details in response to an email sent under the pretence of request from the CEO.

To minimise your chances of being affected by phishing scams it is important to take the following precautions

  • Regularly update your browser
  • Don’t give out your password
  • When visiting a website regularly check the URL is correct e.g. AIBs URL should be not
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments e.g. an email from the bank of America when you have no connections with bank of America.
  • Use anti-virus software to detect phishing attacks.

Reasons Avast antivirus software can help

Avast recognises and prevents phishing attacks by effectively identifying and blocking threats. An industry renowned anti-virus software, it provides regular updates, and is used by 400 million people worldwide.

Benefits of Avast

  • Simple navigation making it easy to use
  • Low impact on device performance and battery
  • Helps protect against online shopping and banking attacks
  • Unbreakable password security, home network protection, browser cleaning and much more

If you are concerned about  cyber security get in touch with our consultants at SolveIT for advice on how best to secure your personal or business accounts.



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