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Twitter admits password hashing error: we’re once again reminded about the importance of password security.

In case you were unaware yesterday the 3rd of May was world password day. A reminder to all, of the importance of regularly updating your account passwords.

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Perhaps somewhat ironically, on the same day, Twitter announced a bug their hashing system and advised customers to consider changing their twitter account passwords straight away. Luckily, however, there has been no indication or evidence of misuse or breach of this data.

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If  you decide to heed this advice, and we strongly recommend that you do, here are a few tips to ensure you are making it as difficult as possible for a hacker to gain access to your personal data.


  1. Choose a long and random password over 12 keys in lenght
  2. If you are worried you will not remember the password use a password manager
  3. Sign up for 2 Factor Authentication    Read More
  4. Avoid using the same username and password combinations for different accounts

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Chances are you’ve been pwned

The term pwned has its origins in the world of gaming. Similar to you’ve been owned, you’ve been pwned generally refers to a loosing of face or power. The term is now commonplace in the world of cyber-security, used to describe the act of commandeering a server or PC.

The password manager 1password allows customers to check whether data such as email addresses and passwords have been pwned. The feature ‘haveibeenpwned’ monitors security breaches and password leaks and provides  users with information as to whether their data has been breached and how.

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Is it essential to keep the vulnerabilities involved with maintaining any online presence in mind and to ensure you are up to date and secure.

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