Microsoft is launching a new patch aka Windows 10 Creators Update, which unbundles the security and stability components of its monthly updates. Going forward, patches will come in the form of ‘Updates’ and ‘Security Updates’ on the second Tuesday of every month.

Since 2003 Microsoft has released  large numbers of updates regularly on Tuesdays hence the name Patch Tuesday. These updates generally consist of malware database refreshes for Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials.

This new patch will allow IT administrators (admins) the option to install performance and stability patches separately from security fixes on users PCs.

What does this mean?

Basically, this allows admins more flexibility, control, and a more targeted approach to protection against cyber attacks.

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Why the warning?

Microsoft is warning all non IT professionals to wait before seeking out these new updates for their machine. With some kinks still to work out, particularly for older systems, it is recommended that users wait until their computers are automatically offered the update.

Unless you are an advanced user who is prepared to work through some issues please wait until your system offers the update, alternatively get in touch with us at Solve IT and we can advise how best to proceed.

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