Two Factor Authentication: YubiKey

Out with relying on the strong password and in with 2 Factor Authentication

Cyber security is regular topic in the media these days, justifiably increasing fears pertaining to breaches of our personal devices and information. There has been a shift in paradigm with regards to preventing threats to cyber security in recent years. Protecting our accounts and devices solely with ‘strong’ passwords was once considered to be sufficient, however, this ideal, is now thought to be obsolete. With technology advancing at rapid pace, protecting  online information from a sophisticated and dedicated hacking community is more difficult than ever.

Adding an extra layer of security 2FA

One increasingly popular way to achieve enhanced online security is the addition of an extra layer of security by using two factor authentication (2FA). 2FA requires a combination of the usual username and password and an external device or piece of information that only the user has knowledge of. This added layer makes  it more difficult for potential hackers to gain access. Many online companies offer a form of 2FA.  Examples include Facebook and Google which offer  a two-step verification option. In this case, a unique code is sent to the users mobile device via SMS as well as requiring the usual password to login. While this added layer of security offers some benefits, a committed hacker will have no trouble finding holes in weak implementations, by intercepting codes or exploiting account-recovery systems. SMS 2FA varieties are widely thought to be weak options and have come under scrutiny in recent times.

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YubiKey a top performer

It is important to note that not all 2FA are created equally and there are some highly reputable varieties on the market. In particular, the brand Yubico is often cited as providing the best 2FA in the form of Yubikey. This is a token based system and one which we highly recommend at Solveit.

The YubiKey can be used for securing access to a wide range of applications, including remote access and VPN, password managers, computer login, FIDO U2F login (Gmail, GitHub, Dropbox, etc) content management systems, popular online services, and much more.

YubiKeys come in several models, however NEO is their most robust offering, with NFC capabilities which allow the user to use the key with android devices.

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