AB Tutor are getting ready to launch version 7 of AB Tutor in the near future and this will affect existing customers.

Version 7 has been a major rewrite of the existing software to allow it to be a truly multi-platform version of the well-loved AB Tutor. At launch it will support Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64-bit) and Apple MAC OS 10.5/10.6/10.7. Following shortly it will be available for Linux and other mobile platforms. AB Tutor are currently compiling the version 7 demo and once it’s available Solve IT will be sent a copy from the developers. With the launch of Version 7 on June 25th 2012, AB Tutor will no longer be selling version 6, and support for version 5 will cease. Version 5 customers have been contacted and informed that support will cease with the launch of version 7. They have been offered upgrades to version 6 or direct to version 7 to ensure continued support.

About AB Tutor

AB Tutor ControlAB Tutor Control is a world-leading PC remote access software that has been designed in response to requests from teachers and trainers who need to interact effortlessly with their students on an individual, group or full classroom basis using a very simple and intuitive user interface.

This remote control software enables teachers (or network administrators) to control a number of student workstations in a computer training room – or remote location – from one central workstation. Classroom groups and policies as well as Internet and application restrictions can be created by teacher or network managers to maintain security on large networks. This means AB Tutor becomes a major component in maintaining e-safety in the classroom.

The software consists of two components, the Teacher (Tutor Control) program and the Student (Client) program. The Student component is a very small program installed on all the students’ workstations you need to monitor/control and can be installed on as many machines as you like as this component is free of charge. The main Tutor Control program is installed on the machines to be used by the teachers or administrators. This is the main controlling program and it’s just this component you will need to purchase.

AB Tutor Control is successfully used by many schools and colleges world-wide.

AB Tutor Features

Below is a list of the key features of AB Tutor Control:

Broadcast and Share

  • Broadcast tutor screen to students
  • Show static, locked, screen to students
  • Show a student’s screen to others
  • Annotate live demo
  • Record tutor screen and audio for lesson playback

Computer Monitoring

  • Simultaneous watch by multiple tutors
  • Network efficient sizeable thumbnail views, with changeable refresh times
  • Real-time remote screen watch
  • Create different thumbnail tab view for each group
  • Monitor running applications and files
  • Identify what site/file the student is working on
  • Monitor and log student activity (applications, printing, websites and keystrokes)
  • Take time and name-stamped snapshots of student activity
  • Record and play back student screen activity

Violation Notification

  • Inform tutor when specific keywords are typed
  • Automatically take snapshots of violations
  • Option to launch remote screen recording upon violation
  • View all violations, screenshots, user details and context

PC Remote Control

  • Take over remote mouse and keyboard
  • Share control of applications with student
  • Launch and close down applications remotely
  • Automatically launch websites or open files remotely
  • Set policy to immediately prevent application from running
  • Lock remote screen, keyboard and mouse, with option to blank screen

Classroom Management

  • Power up remote machines
  • Remote logon
  • Remote logoff and shutdown
  • Schedule remote printing
  • Block printing
  • Auto-connect to computers
  • Auto-connect when connection lost
  • Create defined classroom groups of computers and/or users
  • Automatically apply different policies to different groups of users
  • Import computers and users from active directory
  • Either connect to all clients or only to pre-set groups

Internet Monitoring and Control / E Safety

  • Block ports to prevent any Internet activity
  • Limit web browsing to specified sites
  • Black-list specific sites
  • Filter by keyword/wildcard
  • Notify tutor when student visits specified site

Application Control

  • Limit applications that can be launched
  • Specify applications that cannot be run
  • Close down inappropriate applications


  • One-to-one and one-to-many text chat
  • One-to-one and one-to-many audio chat
  • Broadcast text messages

Question Polling

  • Create & distribute one-question polls to remote computers
  • Results of poll collected in real-time

File Management and Distribution

  • Distribute files to student machines
  • Collect files from students
  • Remote file management

Remote Administration Tools

  • Detailed inventory of remote hardware/software
  • View and manage remote services and processes
  • Administer remote machines via command prompt

Optional Privacy Setting

  • Inform users when AB Tutor Control is running
  • Let users know when they are being watched
  • Allow user to block a watch


  • Admin or tutor-level access with choice of functionality
  • 128-bit connection password encryption


  • Automated remote client updates
  • Auto software upgrade


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