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We are delighted to add this great Software to our Education software offerings.

We have recently installed this package in the University of Limerick in two of their smaller libraries and they have found it to be an excellent package.

Resource Mate Library SoftwareResource Mate Library Automation Software Features

  • The ideal library automation system for the small- to medium-sized library
  • Full cataloging, searching and circulating of your resource library.
  • Patron Search OPAC
  • Unlimited subjects or keywords per item, or add your own user-defined fields to customize the program
  • Import full cataloging data from the free Library of Congress web site, as well as many other sources.
  • Generate dozens of built-in reports including items by title, author, category, call number, overdue items, etc.
  • Search and find items based on any information you enter
  • Password protection can be switched on
  • Print Card Catalog cards and circulation labels

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How Can You Benefit From ResourceMate?

  • Stop losing money by forgetting to whom you lent items from your collection. For many organizations this savings can pay for ResourceMate in one year.
  • Catalogue, Search and Report on: Books, CD’s, Audio Cassettes, DVD’s, Video Tapes, Files, Magazines, Journals, Stories, Sermons, Songs, Scripts, Reports, Photos, Slides, Manuals, Inventory of any resources. Add your own resource types!
  • Load extensive subject information (great for Hymnals, Song Books, Scientific Documents).
  • Keep track of what you own and avoid unintentional duplicate purchases.
  • Keep track of what you plan to purchase or read. Keep a list of what needs to be repaired.
  • Make notes on items and keep track of creative ideas, opinions and evaluations
  • Record and update current replacement value (great for insurance purposes).
  • Track items which are checked out or in current use, track who is waiting to borrow a particular item.
  • Print reminder notices of items checked out and easily extend check in date.
  • Search for all items related to a particular subject. Combine several searches into one to find just the items that match all criteria. Search and report on any entered information (e.g. Author, Replacement Value, Number of Times checked out, Purchase dates, Notes, Personal and Customized fields, etc.).
  • Librarians – save redundant typing time by producing labels and cards, listings or use ResourceMate® completely on-line.
  • Re-print a label or card without having to print the whole set. Customize information entered to the user’s specific needs.
  • Customize reports to your specific needs.
  • Import cataloging data directly from the free Library of Congress web site (and other sources including Amazon) – our most popular feature!
  • Categorize resources (e.g. Staff Training, Consultant Reports, Counseling, Marriage, Family, Commentaries, etc.).


Sophisticated yet intuitive point-of-sale system built around Microsoft’s SQL, a robust and scalable database.

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Resource Mate April 26, 2015