Cyber-security News Catch-up 27.4.2018

cybersecurity news

Cyber-security News Catch-up 27.4.2018

Cyber-security News Catch-up

Phone Scams on the rise

Microsoft has recently released stats that indicate a 24% increase in the number of tech scam complaints since 2016. For those who are unaware. The Microsoft tech scam involves a call from a person representing themselves as a Microsoft technician. Under this guise they will talk he user through a number of steps which usually ends in a block on the user’s end which will not be resolved until a fee is paid.

There are a variety of different techniques phone scammers will use including displaying fake error messages on websites you visit trying to entice you to call.

OFCOM have also recently reported a rise in the number of phone scams. They have indicated that those over the age of 55 are significantly more vulnerable and are at a higher risk of being targeted.

With unsolicited calls like this it is always in the user’s best interest to put down the phone if there is even the slightest bit of doubt.

Companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Adobe, or any other company that makes software will never call their customers out of the blue, if someone does call in this way hang up immediately. It’s a scam

On a side note never give out personal or bank details to an untrustworthy source over the phone.

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Trustjacking and your iOS device

Earlier this week the research team at Symantec accidently happened across a new vulnerability concerning iOS devices. Through exploiting the iTunes WIFI sync feature, they found it is feasible for an external actor to gain access to, record and control your device.

Dubbed Trustjacking, it can give an unauthorised user a continuous and constant hold of an iOS device even after the device has been disconnected.

iTunes Wi-Fi sync, allows users to manage their device without physically connecting it to their PC. A once off pop up will ask the user if the device being connected can be trusted, upon verification the connected devices can always be synced without prior approval while on the same network.

A hacker could easily use this feature to trick people into connecting their devices through a malicious PC or charging station.

Apple doesn’t currently provide users with a list of their trusted devices, however, it is possible to reset the trusted computers list completely. In iOS 11 users can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy to start with a clean state.

The key take home here is to be wary of connecting your devices to unknown and dubious PCs or chargers.

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Microsoft Updates April 2018

The date for the much anticipated Spring creators update officially known as the ‘Windows 10 April 2018 Update’ has finally been revealed.

Today Microsoft have announced the update to be available to download from the 30th of April.

The new update is geared towards increasing user productivity with features such as Timeline and Focus assist

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In the mean-time they have already released the April 2018 patch for Windows 10. The patch contains 66 security improvements and bug fixes across the Windows platform of which 22 are deemed critical fixes.

Of particular note, those with AMD processors will receive an important security fix that mitigates the Spectre variant 2 flaw.

Installing the new patch is an important step in securing your Windows OS devices against potential hacks. Windows 10 receives these updates automatically,  for customers running previous versions of Windows it is recommend they turn on automatic updates as a best practice.

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