Built for reliability

A server can make your business even more efficient! If your office has more than 4 or 5 PCs, you would benefit from adding a server to your infrastructure.

Nearly all personal computers are capable of serving as network servers, dedicated servers generally have high-performance RAM, a faster processor and several high-capacity hard drives. Dedicated servers may also be connected to redundant power supplies, several networks and other servers. These features can be vital for many enterprise machines and programs which may depend on them to function efficiently, correctly and reliably.

The following are unique characteristics and capabilities of Servers

  • The ability to update hardware and software without a restart or reboot.
  • Advanced backup capability for frequent backup of critical data.
  • Advanced networking performance.
  • Automatic (invisible to the user) data transfer between devices.
  • High security for resources, data and memory protection.

Server computers often have special operating systems not usually found on personal computers.  (Techopedia)

At Solveit we can help you advise you on the best server solution for you and whether your new server should be on-premises or in the cloud


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